Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering

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Fetching Hope Rescue has lots of happy adoption stories due in no small part to our Foster Program. As a foster-based rescue, we rely on cozy homes and loving caretakers like you to care for our rescue dogs until they’re adopted.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Foster, please read the FAQs below.
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What is Fostering?

Fostering provides home to a dog while they wait for their forever home. 

Why is Fostering so important?

Fostering helps get dogs out of overcrowded shelters and into comfortable homes, increasing their chances of getting adopted. When you bring a foster dog into your home, they will learn basic social and behavioral skills that will prepare them for long-term success once they are adopted. You are also helping other dogs when you foster! Fostering frees up a spot so the rescue can take in another dog. You end up saving two lives; the dog you are fostering as well as the additional dog we are able to save. 

What kind of dogs would I foster?

Our rescue helps dogs of all ages and breeds. Our Foster Coordinator works closely with each Foster volunteer. Before the dogs arrive, the Foster Coordinator will contact Fosters who can either accept or decline the invitation to receive a dog or puppy. We take a lot of time and consideration when matching dogs with the appropriate foster home.

Do I need to live in Maine? 

Yes, we are licensed to operate in the State of Maine. Our rescue is based in Southern Maine, so we typically look for homes in York and Cumberland County. However, if you’re willing to share driving time for transports and adoptions, we will consider homes as far north as Lewiston/Auburn and Southern Oxford County. 

What if I rent or don’t have a fenced-in yard?

You can foster with permission of your landlord and a fenced-in yard is not required, but preferred. We do not allow electric fences or tie outs and have a strict leash policy. Please check that your Homeowner’s Association, Homeowner’s Insurance or Landlord doesn’t have rules, such as prohibitions against certain breeds, that interfere with Fostering.

How long will I have my foster dog?

A typical stay for a foster dog varies, but usually a dog gets adopted within 2-3 weeks upon arrival. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. It depends on how long it takes for their perfect home to come along. During the first 2-5 days of your dog’s stay they must be kept quarantined in your home. After that, you can begin socializing them and letting them experience Maine adventures!

Am I responsible for any fees or costs?

No! Fostering costs our foster families nothing but time and love. We provide everything your dog needs for their stay with you. Every dog comes with an Arrival Kit that includes supplies like a collar, leash, toy, blanket and food. We also pay for any vet bills and provide preventative medications, if needed.

What if I have a planned vacation or busy upcoming schedule? 

That’s not a problem! Simply notify our Foster Coordinator ahead of time and she will work around your schedule. 

What if I need to have my foster dog moved?

When the dogs come up they need time to decompress and relax into their new home environment. We ask that our foster families be understanding of the process. We prefer to keep dogs in the same home until they are adopted. Changes can be made in the case of an emergency.

What happens when my foster dog gets adopted?

Fetching Hope advertises the dogs for adoption, screens the applicants and coordinates with the Foster to turn the dog over to the new family. You will be responsible for meeting the dog’s new family and sending them off to their forever home. We will help you to coordinate everything. 

How long does the Foster Application process take?
The application is designed to help us decide if you’re a good match for our foster program. Once you submit an application, our Foster Coordinator will email you within 48 hours. The process takes around a week and includes a vet reference check to make sure current pets are up to date on vaccines (Rabies, distemper, canine parvovirus and bordetella are required), a virtual home visit and a phone interview with our Foster Coordinator.