Are you looking for a way to make a difference?

Volunteers make it happen!

Fetching Hope Rescue is an ALL VOLUNTEER run non-profit organization. Volunteers keep our rescue going and saving the lives of homeless dogs. These positions are unpaid, but knowing you’re saving lives is precious.

So how can you help?


Location: Southern Maine

Can you open your Maine home to a homeless dog? We could save SO many more dogs if we had more fosters. When we pull a dog from our southern partners, it opens up a kennel for another homeless dog!

By opening your home, you can continue the volunteer chain of safety and love for a dog who has likely never known either, and be a critical link in getting them to their forever homes.

You can make a difference for a dog’s entire life by giving them a place to stay temporarily. Days or weeks, depending on circumstances.

To learn more about becoming a Foster, please email our Foster Coordinator at

Are you ready right now? Let’s get started ….just fill out the application to foster and we’ll be in touch.

Transport Driver

Location: Southern Maine

Our transport volunteers are critical in getting our dogs safely into foster care and (literally) on their road to a better life!

Transport volunteers are responsible for picking dogs up from the transport truck and delivering them to their foster homes. The pick up times are usually between 3pm-4pm on Saturdays in Shapleigh, ME.

As a volunteer, you can commit when it fits in with your schedule.

You will experience the amazing joy of seeing the dogs come from the South on the transport and take their first steps into their new world and new lives.

Want to learn more about becoming a Transport Driver? please email Michelle, our Transport Coordinator:

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